How To Tighten Vagina Naturally With Alum Powder – Vital Vaginal Health Tips

How To Tighten Vagina Naturally With Alum Powder Solution – Vital Healthy Vaginas Tips

powdered alumCan alum powder help tighten up my big vagina naturally? Stretched out vagina is a common problem for most of the females after vaginal delivery. Only a few women discuss this issue with their obstetrician. Others try home remedies to tighten vaginal walls.

Kegel exercises are widely practiced but the most common home remedy is usage of alum. Alum vaginal tightening has been in practice in Asian and African countries for ages.

Do you want to know how to tighten vagina naturally with alum powder? Do you want to know if it is really safe ‘keep your V Jay Jay tight’? Here are some useful tips to make weird looking vaginas look tight again.

How to tighten vagina naturally with alum powder?

Alum powder is used externally and not internally to make vagina tighter again. It is important that you use alums correctly to get the desired vaginal tightness results and to avoid side effects.

Tip #1. Can alum powder be used directly in the vagina?

No, it should not be used directly in the vagina. Alum is highly acidic and it can severely damage the vaginal walls and vaginal tissue.

Tip #2. How should alum be used for tightening vaginal muscles?

It should be diluted in water before using. The solution should never be concentrate. Using concentrated alum solution can be harmful to your vaginal health.

Tip #3. Can it be used with other natural ingredients for vaginal tightness?

Sad WomanOther natural ingredients with astringent properties like alum are lime and vinegar etc. You should not add ingredients with acidic nature.

All astringents are mostly acidic in nature and too many acids are definitely going to harm your vaginal health. Vaginal dryness and vaginal infection are the possible side effects of alums.

Tip #4. Can alum be used daily to keep it tight down there?

No, it should not be used frequently. Frequent usage of powdered alum solution to tighten your vag can affect the vaginal eco balance and vaginal skin.

Tip #5. What is the exact proportion in which it should be mixed in water?

There is no exact proportion because its effectiveness depends upon the alkalinity level of the vagina. The more the alkalinity, the more should be the alum used. You should find the quantity that would suit you.

Start with a small pinch in a litre of water. If you are not satisfied with the vaginal tightness results, increase the proportion of alum. Make sure you do not feel any irritation. If you feel any irritation, don’t use alum anymore. It is not for you.

Tip #6. When should it be used?

for ladiesIt should be used 30 minutes before intercourse. Its effect remains only for about 30 minutes. So you should not use it before that.

Tip #7. How to tighten your vag instantly with alum powder?

As previously stated in this ‘how to tighten vagina naturally with alum powder’ post, alum powder should be diluted in water. Take the solution in a sterilized syringe and squirt it inside the vagina. You can also soak a cotton in solution and squeeze the liquid alum solution into the vagina. Fill a tub with the solution. Sit on the solution with your vagina immersed inside.

Tip #8. Is it safe to use alum for vaginal tightness?

It causes a lot of side effects. Although, it has been used for ages, it is not recommended by doctors for healthy vaginas. In fact, all doctors are against using alum block in the vaginal region. They advice women to avoid alum phosphate because it increases the risk of HIV by affecting the eco balance. It is better to follow the doctor’s advice for normal vagina health.

What do the doctors recommend to tighten a loose vagina?

They recommend top rated and effective vaginal tightening creams and natural oral capsules to get it tight down there without surgery. Vaginal tightening products are manufactured after many researches under strict regulations. You should buy the best among them instead of going for risky and ineffective home remedies to tighten a loose vagina without surgery. This is what the doctors say about normal vagina health.

Stop asking ‘how to tighten vagina naturally with alum powder‘. Instead start asking ‘which is the best vaginal tightening product in the market’. Find which the best is and start using it. This is one of the most effective recommended by doctors that can help you ignite the spark in your bedroom again.

how to tighten vagina naturally with alum powder solution - DISCOVER best way to keep your VA JAY JAY tight & how to tighten your vag with alum powder for tightening big vaginas! Doctors RECOMMENDED solution for loose vagina normal tightness, best home remedies to make the vagina tighter again that work and more

how to tighten vagina naturally with alum powder

Very Loose Vag Problem – Best Doctors Recommended Remedy to Keep Your Va Jay Jay Tight

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