Alum Uses For Tightening Loose Vagina Temporarily – What Does It Do?

Alum Uses For Tightening Loose Vagina Again – What Does It Do?

powdered alumWhite alum or potassium aluminum sulfate is a natural vaginal tightening ingredient. It is available in powder or crystal form. It is a colorless and odorless compound. It is extremely acidic. Although, it is primarily used for water purification, it has medical uses and other uses like dyeing, baking and fertilizer.

Usage of alum for tightening loose vagina naturally – ‘fake virginity with alum’ dates back to several centuries ago. Are you interested in knowing more about alum uses for tightening loose vagina, its safety and other details? Go ahead.

Alum powder for virginity and alum uses for tightening loose vagina

Revirginity – It is said that alum will take you back to your virgin days. It will make you feel 18 again. Is revirginity claims true?

There are some interesting historical facts about usage of alum to tighten vagina and regain virgin days.

  1. In the 1800’s prostitution was very common. When their husbands died, women resorted to prostitution. When they get a chance to remarry, they used alum powder to tighten their stretched vagina back.
  2. In the 1940’s men went to war for months or even years. Their wives had illicit relationships with other men. When their husbands come back from war, women used alum to tighten their loose vaginas again and deceived their husbands.
  3. In most of the XYZ countries (not to specific here, but you should know the countries am talking about), for religious reasons/believe, a girl has to lose her virginity only on her wedding night. If her husband had doubts about her virginity, he can divorce her. Girls who had premarital sex would use alum to fake virginity before her wedding night to make her vagina tight again.
  4. Caribbean women use alums to fake virginity even today to pretend virginity.
  5. It is also used in South Asian countries by women to fake virginity.

Does alum tighten your vag?

Yes, alum does tighten your vagina temporarily for about half an hour. It is not a permanent solution for flappy vagina. Its astringent property makes vaginal tissues shrink.

What are the side effects of alum for tightening loose vagina?

  • It will cause irritation to both men and women if used frequently.
  • It will cause yeast infection.
  • It will increase the risk of HIV and other infections.
  • It may damage the vaginal tissues.
  • It may make vagina over tight and make entry painful.

How can the side effects of alums be avoided?

You should not use alum to tighten up your vagina frequently. It should be used only occasionally. It can be used once in a few months.

Alum should be used in low quantity. The recommended quantity to fake virginity with alum is just one teaspoon a week.

Alum should be diluted before use. It should be dissolved at least in two liters of water.

What’s the best and most RECOMMENDED safe solution to keep it tighter?

Alum uses for tightening loose vagina temporarily are impressive. Alum does tighten big vagina instantly but it seems to be too risky. You have to be very cautious while using it. Why should you take risks when there is a safe and easy way to make your Va Jay Jay tight permanently? Although, there are other ways to tighten your vag without going under the knife, the easiest, cheapest and safest way to tighten up your Va Jay Jay is to go for vaginal tightening products.

They are available as topical and oral products. Study the ingredients in the label to make sure that the ingredients are natural and herbal. Follow the instructions carefully to avoid side effects. Use them to keep it tight down there – tighten your vag naturally and permanently and enjoy sex like never before.

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Powder alum uses for tightening loose vagina again – How and what does alum do to make vaginas tight again? White alums or potassium aluminum sulfate, how to use powdered alum to tighten a loose vagina temporarily, safe easy natural vag tightener solution that work and more

alum uses for tightening loose vagina

How to use alum to fake virginity to feel 18 again and the best way to permanently tighten big vaginas naturally

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